From the words Mourning and Mankind, in 2014, Duarte Pombo (Selvmord) and Pedro Costa (Folkemord) created Mournkind, our project counts now with the drummer Carlos Cotão (Hovedmord) and in 2017, Folkemord quit the band. After that, we recorded our first EP under Wicked Blood Records and count now with a few live preformances.
As a Black Metal band, we intend to destroy humanity as an agglomeration of groups who hate and slaughter each other. We affirm to be sons of nature, and deny the existence of any god of any kind, facing religion as a way to separate people. Satan is no more, no less than a symbol of freedom from both religion and politics.

This is OUR KIND, the ones who’ll mourn for mankind.

Mournkind – 2019

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