At November of 2000, Hugo Rodrigues (Drums), Paulo Marcos (Vocals / Guitar), Quim (Bass), Tânia Paulino (Keyboards) and Luis “Geist” Dias (Guitar) founded Congruity. This project aimed the creation of a particularly aggressive sound, where Black / Death Metal references can be easily heard. In 2001, the first demo of 3 tracks, Equilibrium, is recorded and the band begins to play live. In 2002, Victor Sapage joins the band to replace former bass player Quim, and the band begins the recording of their second demo called “The Underworld” and continues to do live performenses as well. In May of 2003, Tânia leaves the band, which results in an even more aggressive sound due to the lack of keyboards. In 2004 Jorge André enters as second guitarist and Paulo Marcos dedicates himself only to the vocal duties. In 2005, the band recorded EP Rupture and in that year, played about 60 concerts from North to South of Portugal. In 2007 Paulo Marcos leaves the band, and Victor becomes the new vocalist, just as he continues on bass. In 2013, Luis Geist leaves the band, and the rest of the band decides to continue as a trio. In 2015, the band decides to re-record and edit, the EP, Rupture with the current line-up and give some more concerts to promote it. Already with some experience and many miles of road with stages shared with bands like: WAKO, Holocausto Canibal, Sacred Sin, Neoplasmah, Vizir, Dead Meat, Mata-Ratos, The Temple, Painstruck, Serrabulho.

In July 2017, the band enters the studio to record their debut album, “Congruity”, to release on December 15, 2018 via BoneSaw Entertainment. In November 2018, before the album was released, the band debuted on the island of Madeira, in Funchal, on the 29th. 2019, and the band starts to promote their debut album, with concerts to announce soon.

Main Discography: