Somewhere in 2013, B & M begun this new project after leaving previous projects where both were in.
The first track written is now called “Gathering of the False”, and was written in the aftermath of the departure of one the greatest warriors of our time; Jeff Hanneman, RIP.
Two more tracks were written before R and P joined the Armada, 2014.
“Onslaught of Deceit” & “Prophets of Doom”.

2014, the line-up was reharsing regurlarly and 3 more tracks were written, “Monster”, “Orgiastic…” & “Day of Bloodbath”.
B- Drums, M- Guitars, R- Bass & P- Guitars
With this line up , the band did the first experiences in recordings.
In 2015 a 4 track recording was done. The vocals were handle by B.
These recordings weren’t released .
2016, the first real studio experience, the track “The Firstborn” was done with M on vocals.
This work is also unreleased so far.
Later 2016, B left and was replaced by J, at the same time, X came to do the first tests on the vocals.

2017, as a 5 piece, several shows were done, sharing the stage with names like Sacred Sin, Grog, Holocausto Canibal, Humanart, Prayers of Sanity, Secret Chord and some others.
Subconcious Terror was the moniker.
2018, was not god, nothing was done, except looking for new people to join the club, since P and X left.
2019, a new member came in and as a 4 piece , the project became;


The Firstborn (Rehearsal version)