Hate Disposal

In 2006 guitarist Valter Évora invited Luís Ferreira and brothers Sérgio and Helder Ferreira to form a band named Xicão.

Shortly afterwards he left the project and Luis invited the other members to form Hate Disposal.

Over the next few years there were several changes in formation, with the departure and entry of several members. In 2011 the band released their first EP, Global Mind Putrefaction, and  in 2014 would go on a hiatus due to the departure of all members for the exception of Luís.

In 2018 Hate Disposal returned with a different line-up, although keeping Luis on guitar, also consisting of Pedro “Peter Slaughter” Marques on bass and Emanuel Almeida on drums.

After some instrumental performances,  in 2019, David Matos came to fill in the vocals.
Currently the band is in the working process for the second EP, entitled Legacy.

Main Discography: